Girl Outside in the Winter

Beat the Winter Blues

While this season is full of holidays and joy, you can sometimes get a case of the “winter blues.” We put some tips together to help you beat it and enjoy this season to its full potential!

-Get outside when you can-

Baby, it’s cold outside. Trust me, I know. I also always notice a difference when I am inside all day and haven’t had a whiff of fresh air. Getting some air makes a huge difference and can really help. If it is super cold out just crack a window and take a few deep breaths, you’re sure to feel more invigorated!

Child on Shoulders

Also, when you get outside you can enjoy the sun. Where we are located the sun takes a hiatus for about four months, so that can be challenging mentally too. Be sure to check with your doctor about your vitamin D levels because that will greatly affect your mood as well.

-Use some diffuser blends-

Some blends that we have are specially made to help uplift your mind and mood. This is something super easy to do. All you have to do is set up your diffuser and turn it on. This will fill your home with an uplifting aroma to help you focus or feel more at ease.


-Have a spa night-

Now, we would be more than happy to help in this department! Whipping out some soaking salts, sugar scrub, a sudsy bar soap and candles is nothing short of luxurious. You can even bring out a glass of wine and a good book. Relax and just enjoy the moment.

Good Nature Essentials Candle

If you don’t have a tub don’t feel like you are missing out. Just get a big basin of some sort and do a nice foot soak in warm water and salts. Be sure not to forget the candles, wine, and book too!

-Do something you enjoy-

I personally love finding healthy recipes to try out. It makes me excited to see if it will turn out and it allows me to just focus on the task at hand and enjoy myself. Maybe baking or cooking isn’t your thing, and that is ok! Start another craft or hobby that you were thinking about trying but haven’t had the chance. Paint, color, build, write, learn, the sky is the limit!


-Spend time with those you love-

It can be easy to be pent up inside a house all day in the winter, but if you are going to be pent up don’t be alone! Or go out and be with friends and family. Being social may be one of the last things that you feel like doing, but it is going to really help! 

Mother and Child

We can sometimes be alone a lot in the winter months and while solitude is good at times, it isn’t good to be in solitude all the time. Maybe even join a group or volunteer somewhere. This can get you connected within your community and give you a purpose during the season.

-Have a regular sleep schedule-


This one is super important because you don’t want to be feeling drowsy and sleep deprived throughout the winter. Because it is getting darker earlier, and is dark when you wake up it can be easy to shift your sleeping schedule or to have an inconsistent schedule between the weeks and weekend. Ensuring that you are going to bed early enough and are getting up around the same time each day is going to be a huge benefit for your mental health and mood. It is also important for your health in general as all the colds are flying around this season.

-Eat well-

Ensuring that you are getting enough nutrients will be great in staving off the winter blues! It is more than alright to enjoy a Christmas cookie or two, but be sure you aren’t over indulging. This will keep you from feeling sluggish and weighed down which doesn’t help your mental state. Having balance will keep you on a sure road. 

Vegetable Noodle Bowl

If you aren’t sure which fruits and vegetables are in season you can find that out here.


Get that blood pumping! It is more than easy to stay sedentary during the winter, but getting a good half hour of steady exercise will release endorphins and increase the oxygen in your blood which will help you perk up and have more energy. There are so many different styles of exercise too so keep it fresh! Try dancing, pilates, strength training, yoga, barre, and anything else you would find. Just give your physician a call to ensure that you are on the right track.


Those are our best tips for beating the winter blues! Leave a comment below with some of your tips for staying in a healthy and happy mind this season. If all else fails be sure to contact your physician to see if they have any other tips for you. Who knows, they might just prescribe you a vacation!

By, Erica Roy