Wool Dryer Ball

Wool Dryer Balls for Laundry

Taking steps to be more eco-friendly in your home is not only great for the environment, but for you! We are all about using natural skin care and home products and within that realm is the laundry routine. It is so easy to grab a jug of the leading detergent and a box of dryer sheets and think you are doing good getting your laundry done. You are doing good with the laundry, but the question becomes what are the soaps, scents, and sheets doing to you and the environment? 

Most soaps on the market are riddled with dyes and chemicals that are not healthy for you and are toxic for the environment. These chemicals are going into your clothing and then resting on your skin exposing your body to all sorts of toxins. 

“Well”, you say, “I just need to do my laundry.” Yes, I have felt the same way, but do not fret we have some great alternatives for you starting with wool dryer balls! 

Wool Dryer Ball

Say what?

Yes, I know it may sound strange, but these things actually work. They are free of all the toxins and problems that dryer sheets contain and will do the same job, and in the long haul are way cheaper! 

Why Dryer Balls are Great!

  • Increase Drying Time
  • Reduce Static
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Will last for years 
  • Will not leave lint behind
  • Can be scented with essential oils
Wool Dryer Balls

As you can see wool dryer balls rock and can do everything a dryer sheet can do while leaving you and the environment in a healthier place. They are super easy to use too, you just toss them in and go about your business.  

It is recommended to use 3-5 balls depending on your load size. Yes, you have to make the initial investment to purchase the balls (which is still relatively inexpensive), but then you don’t have to worry about purchasing dryer sheets for years on out. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like quite the deal to me. 

Wool Dryer Ball with Essential Oil

If you are wanting your laundry to still have a lovely scent do not fret because you can scent the dryer balls with essential oils! This will leave your clothes smelling fresh and you can mix it up and try different oils to see what you like. Some good ones are lavender, orange, or even a calming blend. 

Lavender Essential Oil

We hope that this is helpful for you and that you are encouraged to take small steps towards a more organic, clean, natural, and simple life. 

By; Erica Roy